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I see bold accessories, as a woman’s ARMOR – Rachel Zoe


Hey Pretty Girls,


So Christmas is here! My favorite time of the year. Apparently not only my favorite but everyones. I love everything about December especially Holidays and all Red’s and Green’s that are part of this awesome month. It’s a new beginning and everyone deserves a fresh start. So I wish next year comes with a blast and Welcome 2017. Start this 2017 by adding new jewelry collection into your world. That I am going to share in this post named- Accessory Bash featuring Maya Bazaar.


Tell me which part of the world do you think, made accessory an important part of a woman’s dress up? Honestly, I have no clue but when you come to think about it. You will realize that we have never seen a girl or women without her accessory. So you can imagine, how important it is for us women to accessorize because it’s in our blood, build, existence. So when we choose something extraordinary, it shows that we are revealing a part of who we are to others and it’s a beautiful thing. Without words, you can convey the message to the entire world. Like you tell them what are your choices, you tell them about your boldness, confidence and much more. 

There is when brands like Maya Bazaar Jewellery come in the picture because there handcrafted jewelry opens up a wide range of options to the bold and classy women who like to invest in something which goes beyond than just a simple choice/product but instead value the things and people around them.


Maya Bazaar’s USP is their handcrafted jewellery which is so detailed and worth every penny, their jewellery is hand made by the local artisans who are so talented who are on a verge to let their art and creativity die because of modernisation but brands like Maya Bazaar are making them believe that’s it’s never gonna die because these are our Indian roots and we are stronger than we look, and we look our earth more, therefore, everything here that you will find in Maya Bazaar is made from natural, non-toxic material. They are creating a name that accessorizing can be done from pure heart and intentions, it is not just a fashion thing anymore, it is beyond that, you can be modern and a true Indian side by side, you just have to explore your options. 


So this is how accessorizing is fun via Maya Bazaar, a feel-good investment with a hint of modernisation and a way more respect for Indianisation. 


So here is the accessorizing look that can make you fall in love with Maya Bazaar’s Jewellery.

Besides the below 3 accessories, they have the chunk of accessories which can give your wardrobe enlightenment and thus lead to beautiful you!

See for yourself!

Merry Christmas everyone!!


Aditi Nagar


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