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Hey Guys!

It’s been more than 6 months since I last colored my hair and now I am bored since the color has taken some other shade and I feel like cutting my hair, but it’s better to dye your hair rather than cutting it because my hair takes 2 years to get this long, who knows how much time it will take to get my hair back if I cut it like a bob or something. If you are a fashion conscious person, you know staying in trend is the best feeling ever and fashion doesn’t have to be just clothes, it’s about Hair Color as well. Everybody is dyeing their hair but only a few knows what suits them, staying in trend doesn’t mean you have to step out of your comfort zone and experiment, even when you don’t want too.

I like to stay in trend but I know what goes with my skin color and what color appeals me as a person and I know which color will make me more confident and will make me dance my feet off saying I have got sexy hair color, hehe hehe… so keeping all that in mind my hair color selection this time is more wintery and sexier and much darker than what I got last time. I love wine and wine color, so why not try it on hair this time, it’s good for your health, then I am sure this will look good on me as well 😛

So here I am trying BBLUNT Salon Secret Hair Color Range and the color is Wine Deep Burgundy. It’s  so cool and so simple to apply and it gives your hair such a luminous effect and volume too. I was shocked to see my hair after applying this, I never presumed that it could be so effective on your hair, it literally gave my hair new life, they were so dull earlier, that’s the best additional awesome thing that BBLUNT is capable of giving to all the lovely ladies apart from the awesome color shade.

So below are the steps to apply this awesome product on your hair to make it incredibly lustrous:

BBLUNT package contains below things:

  • Salon Secret Developer
  • Salon Secret Colourant
  • Shine Tonic
  • Gloves


  1. Take a bowl for mixing all the products (Developer, Colourant and Shine Tonic)
  2. Empty Developer in a bowl completely
  3. Empty Colourant in a bowl above developer
  4. Empty Shine Tonic over the other solution
  5. Mix it until the complete color has appeared and the mixture is smooth and silky with the brush
  6. Apply it all over your hair
  7. Leave it for 30 minutes to 45 minutes
  8. After that rinse ,with water and then apply shampoo and conditioner (BBlunt products are recommended)

This product is amazing because of the above things and also because it has no ammonia and has non-drip texture to it, it doesn’t give you a headache and it’s not pungent at all. The color last upto 8 weeks, gives you full coverage and give you 100% lustrous hair. AWESOME IT IS, I SWEAR BY.

So use this and judge it on your own.

If you have any doubt, see below picture to see the real difference, it’s epic!


So here was the difference.

I love my new hair color and I love BBLUNT.

It is available in 7 color shades; Black (Natural Black), Chocolate (Dark Brown), Blueberry (Blue Black), Honey (Light Golden Brown), Wine (Deep Burgundy), Mahogany (Reddish Brown) and Coffee (Natural Brown)

Recommend you all to try it as well.



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