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We have more issues than Vogue.

Hi Guys! 

So here are your favourite duos, bringing something new and spicy for you to look at and adore us like you guys always do, as we are privileged enough to tell you the do’s and don’t of fashion and also to introduce you to awesome brands with incredible stuff that will blow your mind and will make you lose your pocket money for good, we as duos will never let you down  because YOU GUYS ARE OUR FAVOURITE. 

So read a new story of the month and view pictures out of which some are extremely sweet and the other ones are wild – in every good possible way. You must be thinking what’s so wild in the pics then please remember a very fine quotation, IT’S THE THOUGHT, THAT MATTER’S AND COUNT’S ☺️

All of you, who are following us will probably know this by now that Nikita is the cute one and I am the wild one. Sweet overpowers Wild and Wildness brings sweetness into life. We are the Perfect Two! But together we are kind of dangerous. Because we are addictive, no-one can bare with us separately, they need both of us to balance out the excessive sweetness, so that no-one gets diabetics and amazing wildness so that no-one gets in trouble. Hahaha, this is funny and have 50% truth in it but😂 whatever we are and the person that we have become, we are very proud of ourselves and so is our family and friends. So this is the motto behind this promotion i.e. to be proud of yourselves and love every bit of your personality because everything can be taken away from you except your beliefs and your inner confidence and no-one is allowed to question it or judge you for it. Believe and move forward. You are beautiful and You are what you are.

Likewise our motto, Ibug Clothing works on an amazing concept “where every purchase matters”, now it’s not just about looking good but it’s about doing something good too, every purchase that you make from Ibug collection goes into Aashi Foundation and few of the other non- profit organisation who brings education and healthcare to unprivileged people in our country. Isn’t that great and selfless? We are so happy to be a part of this brand who knows how to bring smiles on the faces of those who are privileged or unprivileged. How many of us think about doing good but couldn’t find time to contribute in helping others? The answer is, many of us do think but just couldn’t, so if something like this comes across our path, we should just go for it to make us feel more like a human-being who’s duty is to help each other out. And especially when you can have access to fashion and goodwill together. We love this concept and appreciate LBUG a lot.

Most of you must be thinking what’s with the name LBUG? The full form of this is “It’s Lavish, it’s Bold, it’s Unique & it’s Glamorous – It’s a fashion that changes lives”. Clothing that is glamorous, chic, affordable, luxurious and unique because of its quality and diversity. They have really vibrant collection and a great craftsmanship like you can see in the pictures. It’s good, real good. I love what I see and I also love what I have received and you will too just be a part of this brand and you will have a crush on it. Believe us! Because sweetness and wildness never lies!

Just go and visit the wide collection of lbug clothing from tees for both men and women, jewellery, dresses and much more.

So Sayonara guys for now!

More yet to come, keeping visiting.



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