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Perfume is the most intense form of MEMORY

Hey People!

This is by far my favorite post as I am going to review an amazing product, by product I mean “Bvlgari Perfume”, it’s so exciting :). Don’t you think it is one of the craziest creation of God – THE FRAGRANCES, the one that takes you to another place, even though the creation is being refined further by human beings but this is an incredible gift, the sense of odour is very important because that’s the thing that you will remember the most even if you don’t know the individual’s name or his/her face but you will always remember a good scent.

Perfumes are not just treated like a random thing that you put on while going to a party, it’s a style statement these days, it’s very important to wear a perfume that goes with your personality or should I say which tells you the kind of person you are – strong, mild, soft, fruity, rusty, sweet etc. It is as important as looking good when you step outside the front door of your house. A girl or a boy’s look is incomplete without a dash of perfume, this is what Raving Rage believes in and follow religiously. We have never stepped outside our house without a perfume, you never know who will you meet or hug, so it’s very important to be prepared, rather than having a guilt that why did I miss this especially today. So it’s always better to keep a perfume bottle in your handbag that this situation never occurs.  We Raving Rage, we always do keep it, we might miss a lipstick but perfume NAH NAH NAH NAH 😛

So about BVLGARI PERFUME from Beauty Concept Pvt. Ltd. who are the importers of the best perfumes and cosmetics from the foreign country, they are the people who are surrounded by some pretty good creations and supply to people like us who need them the most, they are good people and we love them 😀

Beauty Concept Pvt. Ltd. have the brands like Bvlgari, Hermes, Guess, Kenneth Cole, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bentley, David Beckham and many more. They supply to Shopper’s stop, Lifestyle, Sephora, Central Mall etc. Isn’t that good?

So now more about “Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba”, heavenly is just not enough praise for a perfume like this, it takes you to some tropical land where you can smell the citrusy fruits which are fresh and sweet. A place that you will call as your HAPPY PLACE and now imagine that natural fragrance on you, it will take you to the depth and you will adore the nature more than you do in your daily routine. It has that impact.

This perfume lasts so long and when someone passes by they will definitely ask you which perfume you have used today, it’s therapeutic when you are having a rough day, trust me. So you must be wondering why Omnia Paraiba? it is named after a Brazilian semi-precious stone Paraiba Tourmaline, known for its blue – green color.  Omnia Paraiba is described as a “luscious floral scent with fruity freshness”; the notes include Laraha orange, passion fruit and flower, gardenia, sugar cane and cacao bean.

Raving Rage loves it and if you love us, you will love this too. Just go and spend money or invest it whatever makes you feel good 😀



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