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Hey Girls,

Only 2 months are left, then this amazing year 2016 will be over soon. We had a great year, lot of opportunities came by and lot were missed, few of the days were full of happiness, few of them went really sad, some were at peace, some days were full of confusion, love and rage goes side by side, that’s what make you who you are and you are nothing without the desires whether it is for love, success, family or clothes.

Those of who know us really well, knows we desire clothes and love the most, CLOTHES because we love being around it, it is our comfort zone or our get-away place, a place where we can be “WE”, the way beautiful designs and silhouettes makes us happy and makes us feel that this is it, this is what life is supposed to be, beautiful, fun, playful, sexy, naughty, beautiful, colorful and designed to perfection. Whereas the second thing tat we desire most is LOVE, love from you all, all the people who follow us and gave us the opportunity to bring in front of you the beauty and style of various brands and trends. Thank you for giving us the best of best days in blogging.

From desire, a brand named “The Vanca” processed in our mind, “Vanca means Desire”. A brand which is designed “For the Beautiful YOU” who treat YOU as an asset , not as a source of income or profit, they present you the designs which are authentic and special and gives you a sense of calm by quoting the best of best price, Yes this is a brand who offers affordable fashion for both Men and Women, by creating the unique designs with PASSION.

The Vanca knows what people desire in terms of design or silhouette or fashion or change or price or individuality. They have designs which are sworn by their personal stylist that it will be worth having The Vancain your closet and you will always come back for more. Because it is not pricey and stylish. Isn’t this incredible and exciting?

I brought a very vibrant yet natural color which I absolutely adore (as this color makes my skin shine :P) along with the embroidery on the yoke area to give it a luxury and expensive look to a simple basic garment/top which is light and area and very cool for the days like these where we are actually confused whether it’s gonna be cold or hot outside. Perfect for this season and a perfect way to look sexy by doing the minimalist.

The Vanca blouse along with a pair of high waist jeans is just complete look. It is not only comfortable but it would also fulfill your desire to look sexy at the same time.

Quality is like Muahhhh, I hope this doesn’t need any more words 😀

You should all visit The Vanca and get going with the shopping as it is worth-a-while.

Men who are reading this should know, they have a great collection for you all too, so that you also get a chance to pamper yourself like we girls do (Sometimes :D)



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