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“Sometimes you will never know the true value of the moment until it becomes a MEMORY”

Hey Guys!

Today we are going to review an amazing brand which is quite unique and plays an essential part in our life from our perceptive, why essential because we have never been to a house who doesn’t have their family portrait hanging on the wall, some houses are full of it and some have one or two big frames, so it has now become an essential part to have an amazing portrait of yourself to feel it a “HOME”, not just your family picture but much more and secondly, we call it a unique thing because these frames from Canvas Champs are not the usual frames that we see, they are actually “Handmade with Love” and are memories on Canvas. It’s a beautiful concept and we love every part of it.

Printing quality of Canvas Champ India is amazing, by amazing we don’t just mean this is OK OK, it’s actually outstanding, prints and colours are so clear and they have all the sizes available with them, you can choose any size and get this made, they have so many inspirational ideas as well, which is great and helps a lot when you want to choose something for yourself or for your friends and family.

Best part linked to this is that it takes you to a memory lane and that feel is just “Awwww” :D, when Aditi and I got it delivered, our first reaction was “WOW” that this is incredible and we laughed together because we both remembered the same thing while we were shooting our favourite post (the one we got printed) and this has a special place in our heart and always will have. So I want to thank you “Canvas Champ India” for an incredible present, we will never forget how you made us feel. And this is a perfect Diwali Gift.

See below how WOW did we find it 😛

So as we told you that this is a brand which can play a very important role in everyone’s life so next time when you want to gift someone a very special gift and want to make anyone feel heavenly then this is the spot where you can lock your happiness in one CANVAS and can store it forever – CANVAS CHAMP INDIA (remember this name by heart 🙂 .

For Diwali, this is a thoughtful gift for your close ones, which they can cherish all their life and will never forget how you made them feel. And the good part is there is a special offer going on for Diwali ( 30% OFF with FREE SHIPPING). Can this go any better? So guys visit Canvas Champ India and start ordering and distributing the Love which will last longer than any other gifts.

Believe in us, as we don’t lie and HAPPY DIWALI GUYS!

Lots and Lots of Kiss and Hugs <3



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