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Glitter Shorts in Winter <3

“Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins” – Paris Hilton

“Aditi is one of them”


Hey Guys!

Doesn’t she look amazing in shorts??

I just love the way Aditi carries herself in every outfit she wears like you will see in this post, shorts in such cold season is an awesome way to portrait your styling skills to the world.

How to style shorts in winter, this is one of the most difficult question that we ask ourselves but then we drop the idea thinking that people will make fun in case they see this stupid idea that we are wearing shorts in winter, but let me tell you there is nothing wrong in styling shorts even in winters, there are million ways in which you can pair a winter sweater with your favourite shorts because this is one of the biggest trends, it can be sequined shorts, denim shorts, short shorts, or beaded shorts or embroidered or printed shorts.


Winters are Aditi’s favourite time of the year and she just love to mess around with clothes at this time, like you can see in this post, she has perfectly paired herself with “Sequenced Shorts in winter” and “Oversized Sweater” and a “Textured Scarf”, with such a fun accessory “Freaky Sunglasses” and “Messy Hair”.


Attitude plays a very important role in fashion, the right attitude can make you look “beautiful and fun” whereas the wrong attitude can spoil your look and can make you uncomfortable and not so fashionable, so it doesn’t matter whether you wear shorts in winter or summer.


So it’s important that you know what will make you look more fashionable and will enhance or beautify you whether you wear a mini skirt or a crop top or layers on layers in winter, or a short shorts in winter,  just know who you are and you will be ready to rule the world…


I know it’s too much for today 😛 but its true…


Outfit Details:

Sweater: El Corte Ingles

Shorts: El Corte Ingles

Scarf: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: Adidas Original

Sunglasses: BCBG California 



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