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You are the work of art, not everyone will understand you, but the ones who do, will never forget about you.


Hi Guys!!


Headband makes you feel as if you are out of this world, especially when it’s embellished, it just makes your day, add this to a simple outfit and you are ready to go out and trust me everyone will turn around and will say ” Niceeee”, this is what I usually do when I love what I see:)


Printed Shirts are wearable in every season even though it is considered as bohemian, most of the time. But print can change season wise or trend wise but the style will be same in every season, you can’t resist yourself to buy them, you can pair it up with almost anything shorts, jeans or a skirt.


I generally prefer skirts in fall, the one which is covered entirely, hahaha haha… I like light colors but this post is exceptional, I wanted to wear this specific “EYES PRINT” shirt with the dark navy color skirt, I think this brings out the shirt color and that’s the reason I love it.


Hope you will love it too!


Skirt: St.Michael Canada

Shirt: Thrifted

Short Heels: Thrifted

Sling Bag: H & M

Embellished headband: Urban Outfitters


Always stay stylish 🙂





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