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    Keep Calm and Love Headbands 😉

    Hey Guys!

    If you love headbands then you must definitely love Gossip Girls series and will totally be a fan of Blair Waldorf. We all dream to have a life that she lives, dress up like she does and look good in headband like she looks. But some of you doesn’t remember that we were born to look pretty in headbands and we are the ones who started using headbands while we were just 2 or 3, we might not have those fancy headbands like we see these days but we all definitely looked pretty in those limited collection of headbands too because of the colors that we used to buy, different shapes, the party wear ones (which we used to keep so perfectly) and much more. We grew up on that so noone can carry the headbands better than us, since the fashion has become so vast and design oriented and unique in nature that we now have a range which is just never ending and this gives us an option to choose the design or pattern that we personally like.

    We Raving Rage believe everyone has there unique taste and owning something which defines your personality and choices makes you who you are right now. So here you have the chance to choose the one design that you like and dress up like the way you want and I can guarantee you all that you guys will look extra-ordinary in what ever you choose.

    Karleo Accessory, what should we say about them, they just have speechless designs in headbands, like we said Extravagant collection that will weaken your knees and people will stare (believe us they will stare) and you will blush (ohh girl, you will turn pink) and end up saying “Isn’t this great?”. And yes, if you guys are worried about the quality then let me tell you that you can trust them blindly because pretty things doesn’t break easily.  Also you can find the Karleo Collection On Pernia Popup Shop and Jabong as well.

    We have styles 2 of their beautiful pieces:

    • One in Blush color with crystal Stud with a Flamingo Style
    • One in Black Beads with Crystal Combo


    Company Profile in Karleo’s Language, they are very specific about there collection and headbands that we are carrying is from MELA COLLECTION, more about them below:


    Karleo is a brand Co-founder be Designer Karan Berry and Leon Vaz with an idea of combining the rich aesthetics of Indian culture with a western approach to design, and that led to creating pieces that offered an Indian clientele the same quality and design standards that are upheld by leading international couture labels. Karleo, as a brand give you couture and ready-to-wear garments made with the same attention to detail as any red-carpet gown worn by a celebrity and it is that very attention to detail that is carried forward and observed in the service that brand provides to it’s customers.


    Mounted on a thin wire frame, Karleo’s headbands are like intricately-worked jewellery. These accessories reflect the same level of detail in designs, craftsmen and quality of materials used. Embellished with fine detailing and elements such as Swarovski crystals, the couture-starter accessories, headbands, and skullcaps can be a perfect addition to a plain ensemble to dress-up a look or even become a statement piece.


    Drawing from the colors and eclectic culture of an Indian mela, the Karleo ‘MELA’ collection reflects the bright colors, the vibrancy and playfulness of mela in our headbands. With the combination of classic white and pastels with a pop of quirky colorful crystals we present to you our ‘MELA’ collection.

    So here I am posting 2 looks in the headbands, one in short dress and one in long dress, tell us which one is your look and participate in the giveaway and win the design that will make you shine ?

    Giveaway Contest

    Follow below steps and you guys can be one of the lucky few

    We are excited, what about you?


    • Follow Raving Rage and Karleo Accessory.
    • Tell us which style out of two above makes you go wow and which one of the above two headbands is the most attractive one?
    • Tag two of your best-friends and ask them to follow Raving Rage and Karleo Accessory.
    • That’s it, winner will be announced on 14th June ??

    So what are you waiting for, start now


    Raving Rage

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